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and Skaal swallowed the Sun

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british history, cooking, desmond hume, fantasy novels, fantasy romance, harry potter, henry ian cusick, lost, paranormal romance, renaissance festivals, russian language, scotland, snape, spain
Not much to say. I read and write fanfiction in various fandoms - mostly HP - under the name white raven. I'd love to go back for a second degree in the culinary arts or hotel/restaurant management, but will wait until my 3 smalls are older. I think Alton Brown should be canonized. I speak both Russian and Spanish, being at intermediate level in the first and advanced in the second. I love to cook all kinds of foods, read medieval European history and collect armor and various weaponry. I'm also honored to be part of a fiction group called Digital Quill (see banner)where some really nice folks gather and archive their stuff.

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